AI First Primary Healthcare

Healthcare has been changing dramatically over time. Now it has been almost shattered by the Covid-19 pandemic. A post-corona world is all about remote connectivity.

AI Sushila is a smart kiosk you can go to first, to provide a contactless comprehensive medical exam and diagnosis.

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AI Sushila

Meet AI Sushila

She is an AI-fused device set to revolutionise healthcare.

For the first time, primary care physicians and emergency medicine physicians will have a true virtual partner. AI Sushila has risen from the fragmentation of primary care, urgent care and telemedicine to become an all-inclusive contactless solution to examine patients, analyse physical and targeted patient input data and provide predictive test lists and diagnoses.
Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate
Blood Pressure
Oxygen Saturation
Body Temperature
Eye Health
Gait analysis

Healthcare tools in AI Sushila

The smart kiosk enables rapid analysis of a person’s health which is then communicated electronically enabling optimal care.

Why AI Sushila is a class apart


A virtual physician extender or partner that can perform a comprehensive exam and obtain key patient history information almost immediately, to predict probable patient disease, process and order further workup and/or treatment.

EMR/EHR Integration

Since doctor-patient connectivity is crucial, we have made sure it is streamlined during critical patient care. AI Sushila can store and retrieve medical records in digital format, anytime. It acts as a virtual assistant and guides in decision-making.

Imaging &
Lab Integration

Using powerful algorithms, AI Sushila can determine important lab tests and/or imaging tests the patient requires which can be reviewed by a physician to proceed with real time testing.


AI Sushila is a 360-degree service platform for all your medical needs. Connect with a doctor, share reports, avail medications, and store the documents for future use Learn More


The integration with our own O4P platform fosters live appointments and chat options with nearby labs, ensures medical services in your comfort zone.

Medical Records

Patients will receive all their records when they leave the kiosk, improving patient communication and education.

Data Storage

A patient can be rest assured that their data is safe and stored confidentially. Your stored medical data is authenticated through multi-channel security algorithms.

Apple watch,
Samsung gear & Fitbit

AI Sushila can be integrated with wearable devices to track patient health goal progress and even recommend further goals. This information also helps predict future patient behaviour and motivate change for patients.

Breakthrough technology offering 360-degree healthcare needs

This kiosk is customizable and can be used in a variety of venues from pharmacy stores, primary care physician offices, urgent care canters, emergency rooms, as well as cruise ships, school campuses and offices.
Ai Sushila

Achieve better outcomes at lower costs



Overhead Cost


Workflow Efficiency


Patient Outcomes


Wearables Data

Physiological Mechanics of Pulse Rate Estimation, Activity Classifiers, Heart Physiology, Clinical domain expertise.

How it works

Paperless Medical Practitioner

A personal digital medical specialist available to serve you at its best 24x7. Book appointments, schedule weekly consultations with doctors, store hospital records, or connect with ancillary personnel such as diet management for food habits, with

Patient Management & Engagement
Healthcare Analytics
Secured Data Sharing
Smart Text

AI to EMR / EHR Integration:
Caring at Fingertip

Connecting to

Integrated EMR / EHR with HIPPA compliances enable patients to schedule doctor appointments, store or view lab reports, gain insights about prescriptions, connect with doctors anytime, and much more.

It helps patients to access their medical reports and get connected with the doctors without having to wait on long telephone queues for appointments.

Patient Library

The patient can keep track of his/her treatment from hospital check-in, prescriptions, scanning, lab testing and diagnostics. It also provides the facility to store all your medical reports in a secured cloud locker.


Through the kiosk machine, you can provide the option to have a Live chat with doctors and obtain medication prescriptions at your fingertips.

Progressive Reports

The intelligent machine can streamline data storage as well as access options to know the patient’s medical chart.


Health test kits from EverlyWell for At-Home lab tests

Partnering with EverlyWell further enhances the health kiosk services by allowing individuals to validate their health conditions and best-in-class clinical laboratories.

The state-of-art tools from EverlyWell empower individuals to collect the sample data and provide it to the nearby testing centers for assessment.

One companion. Many fields of application.

A smart solution that can be placed in any area where there is a requirement of primary healthcare, urgent health care, emergency health care. Or alternatively, in a place which requires marketing tools for medications (prescribed and/or over the counter), fitness equipment, and wellness equipment.

Promoting good health and wellbeing in every step for everyone

The smart kiosk "AI Sushila" is implemented with a vision to support, simplify, & enhance primary healthcare of patients.


Keeping your health care data secure is our top priority

Through its standard HIPAA medical compliances, AI Sushila-the primary healthcare expert can help the patients securely store or retrieve information with end-to-end authentication. This way, you can build trust with the kiosk thus enabling it to serve you better.


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Meet the team behind

Dev Kumar

“Machine Learning for Healthcare Analytics Projects is packed with new approaches and methodologies for creating powerful solutions for healthcare analytics.”

Dev Kumar Thappla

Co-Founder AnnantaSource
Inventor and Concept Design
Project Director | Data Scientist

Animesh Chandera Dey

Product Manager | Programmer

Danish Raza


Sumeri Lal

HW/SW Design Engineer

Mayuresh G

Graphic Designer

Rizwan Hassan

Android Developer


Sufiyan Budye

Principal Consultants

Oruganti Sarma

Principal Consultants

Patent & Trademark

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